About Himalayan Trekker
Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.

Himalayan Trekker is Indian Trekking Company Founded in 2017. Our company has different approach for trekking in India.

We don’t just provide regular treks, we also provide treks for some causes we call it “Trek for a Cause”. Trek for a Cause is our initiative to aware people about health and earth Ecosystem.

We have treks like Clean and green Himalayas, anti-smoking treks, photography treks, all-girls treks, beginner’s treks, yoga treks and etc.

We believe a Trek for a cause is hundred times better than a trek with no aim.

Himalayan trekkers just not offer treks we also document them we are creating a community where people all around the world can connect to each other and share their experience with others their ideas.