About Us

Himalayan Trekker is a trekking company based in India that was founded in 2017. What sets us apart from other trekking companies is our unique approach to trekking. We don't just offer regular treks; we also organize "Treks for a Cause," which are designed to raise awareness about important issues related to health and the environment.

Our "Treks for a Cause" initiative includes treks such as Clean and Green Himalayas, Anti-Smoking Treks, Photography Treks, All-Girls Treks, Beginner's Treks, and Yoga Treks. We strongly believe that treks with a purpose are far more valuable than those without one.

At Himalayan Trekker, we are committed to creating a community of passionate trekkers who are dedicated to exploring the beauty of nature while also promoting environmental conservation and sustainable tourism. We believe that trekking can be a transformative experience that not only connects us with nature but also helps us grow as individuals.

We take pride in our team of experienced and knowledgeable trekking guides who are committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of our trekkers. Our guides are passionate about trekking and are experts in the areas where we conduct our treks. We work closely with local communities and support local businesses, which allows us to contribute to the economic development of the regions where we operate.

At Himalayan Trekker, we believe that trekking is not just a hobby but a way of life. Join us on one of our "Treks for a Cause" and experience the transformative power of trekking for yourself.